Butel Park is a residential subdivision in Manse Road, Arrowtown between the existing industrial area and Millbrook Resort. Clark Fortune McDonald have been involved in the conception of this development since 1993, when the then owner Vivid Holdings Limited proposed to establish an equestrian centre and residential development on the site. Clark Fortune McDonald eventually developed a Meadow Park Zone through the Proposed District Plan process, resulting in a consent order from the Environment Court after extensive mediation. The Meadow Park Zone is a special zone designed to facilitate a comprehensive approach to retaining the urban fabric that makes Arrowtown unique, enhances visibility of outstanding natural features and enhances ecological restoration of adjoining vegetation. The subdivision itself is known as Butel Park.


Clark Fortune McDonald has a long history in the development of the Meadow Park Zone and the eventual Butel Park subdivision. Clark Fortune McDonald provided resource management advise in the conception of the zone, including drafting subdivisions, presenting evidence, drafting appeal documents, negotiations with the Council, consultation and mediation with various neighbours, community groups and environmental organizations. Clark Fortune McDonald developed the design of the Butel Park subdivision alongside landscape architects Baxter Brown Limited, and was instrumental in getting the resource consent approval for the development. Clark Fortune McDonald retains an active role in the development, including resource management and surveying advice and set-out.

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