Situated on 50 acres at the base of Peninsula Hill, Kawarau Village is Stage 1 of a two billion dollar development completed in 2011. The existing change in height of 50m on the site forms a natural vantage point over looking Lake Wakatipu. Kawarau Village is home to an impressive range of resort living options including the internationally branded 5 star hotel Hilton, a 4 star hotel The Kawarau Hotel and serviced apartments suitable for large groups and families and a limited selection of premium residential properties.


The main service Clark Fortune McDonald provided was for the consent planning and cadastral surveying.
Stage 1 consisted of a 38 “shrinkwrap” bulk title subdivision with each lot then subdivided by unit title. A complex structure of tunnels and underground car parking called for a unique approach to the title structure. Overall 660 hotel rooms, apartments and carp park titles were issued in this world class resort. The development will also require the construction of two jetties for boat users. Clark Fortune McDonald conducted a hydrographic survey of the lake bed and shore line to determine the best access point for boats and to show the effects a jetty will have on the existing lake bed, shoreline and the visual points from the walking track and Kawarau Bridge.


Kawarau Falls is the largest development of its kind in the Queenstown Lakes District area. Clark Fortune McDonald with our extensive knowledge of the consent process and cadastral surveying, worked in unison with the developer making sure they met compliance on all levels.

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