The Sofitel Queenstown features 70 rooms, ten executive suites, two penthouse suites, and two levels of restaurants, bars and retail space. The site for the hotel is situated in downtown Queenstown and replaced an existing hotel. Extensive civil engineering and excavation works were required for embankment stabilization due to surrounding roads and residential housing. Due to the proximity of the hotel Perron Developments spent over $1 million on street upgrades. The project was constructed in 15 months, employing up to 200 workers. The hotel opened in September 2005.


Clark Fortune McDonald collected asbuilt data, processed unit title plans for submission to local council and completed an extensive BOMA survey for rental charges.
The unit title process requires a plan of the building for submission to council showing each unit entitlement. In the case of The Sofitel hotel, subdivision consent was sought to subdivide the hotel by way of unit title to enable Perron Developments to sell hotel rooms and suites independently. A BOMA (rentable area survey) requires the surveyor to accurately measure the internal walls of a rental space then provide an accurate measurement of each tenancy usually per square metre. In the case of The Sofitel, Clark Fortune McDonald was required to measure multiple office, restaurant, bar, conference, day spa and bathroom space, showing room sizes on a detailed plan.

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